Miss. Garcia’s Kindergarten Class


Miss. Garcia's 2016 Kindergarten Class

Miss. Garcia’s Kindergarten Class


Once in a while we hear stories in our office that make us want to do more. This time it was about one of our customers, Miss. Joanna Garcia. She is a kindergarten teacher at Snake River Elementary School. She has been teaching at the poorest schools in our area for several years*. The kindergarten grade has now been extended to an everyday full day program, as the children in the area need the extra help to pass to the next grade level.

Because of the poverty level, the parents are not required to provide school supplies or snacks for their children. As a result, every year she buys bags full of school supplies for the children in her class. She goes above and beyond to make sure they have everything they need. An example of this comes from her sister Jackie. She writes “I often help her organize her classroom at the beginning of the school year. A few years ago I found a bag of children’s socks. Confused I asked her what they were for, she told me she kept a bag of new socks in her classroom at all times because kClass Pictureids show up to school with no socks on or in plastic crocs in the middle of winter.”

After hearing and reading about her story All Valley Insurance decided to help lighten her load a little bit. Last week we went out and filled a basket with the school supplies she currently needed. One of our agents went in to the classroom to donate the supplies. The kid’s little faces lit up with excitement when they saw the basket and couldn’t wait to see what was inside. Miss. Garcia sat them down and showed them everything we had brought. As you can see in the picture, they were vary happy with their new stuff.  Before they left for the day, the kids shouted a big thank you!

It fills our hearts with joy to be able to contribute a little to the great efforts teachers like Miss. Garcia make for their students! If you would like more information on how you can contribute to her classroom, you can visit her page here.



* Some information has been quoted from her Go Fund Me page.




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