5 Tips to Keep You Cool at Boise Music Festival

Boise Music Festival 2014

The Boise Music Festival is finally here! Starting Saturday, June 27th artist like The Plain White T’s, and Nick Jonas will take the stage. With all the excitement, it’s easy to forget to stay safe while we’re having fun. AccuWeather is forecasting temperatures in the 104 degree range for this weekend, so keep the following tips from Cultivora and WikiHow in mind while you prepare for the festival.


  • Wear Light Clothes

Keep color and fit in mind when planning your festival outfit – a white, long-sleeved cotton shirt can keep you cooler than a black polyester top. Wear light-colored, natural fabrics (cotton, linen, and ext.) that are breathable and reflect sunlight.

You could shield your face from the sun by wearing a hat. Your hat should be as breathable and lightweight as your clothes. Opt for something straw, or even paper like this one. It’s also not a bad idea to bring a bandana to a summer festival.

  • Use Plenty of Sunscreen

We can’t say this enough! Get yourself a good sunscreen. A spray is ideal, because it takes minimal effort to apply and is a lot lighter feeling on your skin than traditional versions. Throw a chapstick with SPF in your bag while you’re at it, because sunburned lips are a thousand times worse than regular chapped lips.

  • Stay Hydrated!

Drink plenty of water! The two things you don’t want are 1) a hospital trip because you’re dehydrated, and 2) to pay $10 for a bottle of Evian. Bring an insulated water bottle. Check the festival rules to make sure it’s allowed. In most cases, though, you can bring in an empty bottle to fill up at a water bottle filling station or water fountain.

  • Stay Cool

Consider buying a water misting fan like this one. It will make all the difference when you are in the pit between sets! If you prefer not to buy one, you could bring a spray bottle to the festival. A couple face-spritzes here and there can do wonders on a hot day. And if you’re really in a pinch, you could always just fill an old Windex bottle with water.

  • Use Ice packs

Place an ice pack on your wrists. It cools the blood in your veins, and instantly makes you feel cooler. You could also run your pulse under some cold water or just splash some cold water on your face to stay at a desirable temperature.

We hope you have a fun and safe time!




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